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March 31 - April 2, 2017, Albany, New York.

The Kingdom or the Girl?

Bloodthirsty demons attack him.
Strange spirits protect him.
A seer foretells his shocking destiny.

In a primitive land filled with magic, witches and giants, a young musician named David is summoned by the king to chase away the nightmares that torment him, but the palace isn’t as safe as it seems. Demons haunt the king and two powerful foes—the Witch of Endor and a giant named Goliath—lead an army that threatens to enslave the country.

Princess Michal is drawn to David, but a romance with the poor musician is strictly forbidden.  Only by defying her father’s wishes and risking her freedom, can they be together.

To save the kingdom, David will need more than music; he’ll need defeat Goliath in a battle of champions. Only a fool would face the giant, but when David falls in love with the rebellious princess, his heart tugs him toward the impossible. As he steps into battle, he faces an unthinkable choice—either save the kingdom or be with the girl of his dreams. He can’t do both.

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Praise for “Il Teatro Oscuro”:

“A heartbreaking work of fantasy that addresses the call of the lost, golden past in the human heart.” -- Lois Tilton for LOCUS online

Praise for “The Woman Who Married the Snow”:

“This is a rich, atmospheric tale of the interaction of spirits amongst both living and dead. I appreciated the writer’s impeccable voice.” -- Colleen Chen for TANGENT online

“A well-told tale with great details about Inuit culture.” -- Sam Tomaino for SFRevu

Praise for “The Lost Elephants of Kenyisha”:

“This well executed story deserves a 'thumbs up,' for its well-crafted writing.” --KJ Hannah Greenberg, TANGENT online

“The herd of ghost elephants is a neat idea and a great premise for a story.” --Lois Tilton, LOCUS online

​“This was another well-told story that I enjoyed immensely.” --Sam Tomaino, SF REVU



    Take a journey into the unknown with this collection of thirteen fantasy stories by Ken Altabef. Includes fiction culled from the pages of top magazines including The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Interzone and Buzzy Mag.
     In a fantastical competition, a wizard and a physicist build castles in the air.
     A herd of ghostly elephants cause havoc on the plains of Africa.
     An arctic shaman brings a dead tribesman back to life.
     A chessmaster plays a deadly game with a KGB psychic assassin.
      A young boy learns that playing at war is not at all what he thought it would be, especially after the lights go out.


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