Praise for “Il Teatro Oscuro”:

 “A heartbreaking work of fantasy that addresses the call of the lost, golden past in the human heart.”
        -- Lois Tilton for LOCUS online

 Praise for “The Woman Who Married the Snow”:

 “This is a rich, atmospheric tale of the interaction of spirits amongst both living and dead. I appreciated the writer’s impeccable voice.”
        -- Colleen Chen for TANGENT online

 “A well-told tale with great details about Inuit culture.”
     -- Sam Tomaino for SFRevu

Praise for “The Lost Elephants of Kenyisha”:

 “This well executed story deserves a 'thumbs up,' for its well-crafted
      --KJ Hannah Greenberg, TANGENT online

“The herd of ghost elephants is a neat idea and a great premise for a story.”
     --Lois Tilton, LOCUS online

“This was another well-told story that I enjoyed immensely.”
     --Sam Tomaino, SF REVU