Pleased to Meetcha, FANTASY & SCIENCE FICTION,  8/2006

Lost Elephants of Kenyisha, FANTASY & SCIENCE FICTION, 7/2010

                                              Honorable Mention,  Best Horror of the year Vol.3, 2010
                                                 Honorable Mention,
  Year's Best Science Fiction 28, 2010
The Devil's Playthings, WASH THE SPIDER OUT,   Blueberry Lane  Books, 2012
The King of Comedy, WASH THE SPIDER OUT,      Blueberry Lane  Books, 2012

The Woman Who Married the Snow, FANTASY & SCIENCE FICTION, 7/2013

​                                                 Honorable Mention, Year's Best SF 2013
Unremembered, Unforgotten, BUZZYMAG, 9/2013
Free Country, UNSETTLING WONDER,  7/2013
Doyoshota, OMINOUS REALITIES, Grey Matter Press, 2013
The Artist, Deeply, Brushes,    ABYSS & APEX,  7/2013

                                                 Honorable Mention, Year's Best SF 2013
Il Teatro Oscuro, INTERZONE 248, 2013

In the Blood, ASTRONOMICAL ODDS,  Third Flatiron Publishing, 2014  

Castles in the Air, FORTUNE'S FANTASY,  Cat's Cradle Press, 2014

The Koroshov Gambit, FORTUNE'S FANTASY,  Cat's Cradle Press, 2014

Peril in Puppetland, FORTUNE'S FANTASY,    Cat's Cradle Press, 2014

A Little Mischief, AINT SUPERSTITIOUS,  Third Flatiron Publishing, 2015

Road Rage on the Hypertime Expressway,  Perihelion Science Fiction 9/12/15

Laika,  INTERZONE, Nov 2015, Honorable Mention, Year's Best SF 2015

A Little Mischief, Best of 2015,  Third Flatiron Publishing, 2015

Death After Midnight, Daily Science Fiction, 9/1/16

Pennies From Heaven, Daily Science Fiction, 2/3/17

Lost Elephants of Kenyisha (reprint), Universal Enigma Anthology,  Blueberry Lane Books, 4/4/17

Sixteen Hours, Daily Science Fiction, 8/11/17

The Memory Thief, Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show, Issue 58, 8/12/17

Miss Johnson's Boy, MIND CANDY TOO, Myriad Paradigm Publishing, 9/15/18

Keeper of the Light, TEMPORALLY DEACTIVATED, Zombies Need Brains, 6/15/2019

The Woman Who Married the Snow (reprint), Speculative North, 920//2021

Potato, Dark Matter Halloween Special, 10/1/2021

A Stirring of Wings, Daily Science Fiction, 1/14/2022

​Potato (reprint), Dark Matter Presents: Zero Dark Thirty, 2/14/2023

What You Leave Behind,  FANTASY & SCIENCE FICTION (upcoming) 2024

Schroedinger's Razor, Ruth and Anne's Guide to Time Travel, (upcoming) 2024

Penny's Pinwheel, Cosmorama, 7/9/24




A shout out to Cat's Cradle Press, my publisher since 2014.